30 years of manufacturing service

Secondary Machines for Metal Processing

JCR provides Metal Processors with exactly the right machine for their application. Each machine pictured here began with a standard design and was specialized for our customer’s process. The Square Wire Traverse Take-up uses a flange detection assembly to precision wind 0.25″ wide square wire that is to be coated with insulation. The Light Duty Coil Payout is designed to pay out thin metal strip at only 6 inches per minute. The design is based on the Wyndmaster 500 Horizontal Payout with modifications for reduced RPM’s, low tension operation, and payout height matching the press height. The Welding Line Accumulator stands 15 feet tall and provides almost 200 feet of accumulation for a 3.25 inch wide metal strip. The accumulator uses driven expansion to maintain constant tension for a downstream process. The Heavy Duty Turntable is used to shrink wrap pallets of processed metal. We designed this machine for the heavy loads that aren’t compatible with off-the-shelf tables.