30 years of manufacturing service

Manufacturing and Assembly Machinery

Affordable Automation At JCR, we design custom machinery for both individual work cells and larger scale assembly lines. The machines pictured here show recent projects in several different industries. Work Stations The XYZ Table uses a computer program to apply adhesive to windows for the RV industry. The Pump Vane Assembly System uses magazines to insert 12 vanes into a common rotor. The lattice glue machine was designed to reduce manual labor for a plastic lattice manufacturer. This machine places a precise amount of heated glue at each intersection of plastic lattice strips. Assembly Lines The Poppet Valve Machine receives a poppet valve from the operator and performs torque and part inspection operations on the valve. Rejected valves are automatically discarded and compliant valves are engraved with a part number and placed in a bin. The Material Handling System is used to cut, lift, and convey strips of auto door trim to the next part of the assembly process. The Hose Cutter cuts a piece of wire overbraided teflon hose to a precise length, then inserts the hose through two collars and places the intermediate assembly on one of two conveyor belts.