30 years of manufacturing service

Custom Machinery

Affordable Automation at JCR, we design custom machinery for both individual work cells and larger scale assembly lines.

Air Quench Piston Cooling Unit

Piston Cooling Blower Unit, Piston Shuttle System , Gate Knock-off with Scrap Conveyor and Piston Ejector with Chutes

Electric Motor & Overload Test Station

Manual Motor Tester for testing for fractional horse power motors. The Tester is capable of performing a Hipot test, Min. Voltage Start Test, and a No-Load Running Test.

Foam Rubber Box Coiler

The machine is designed to accept the foam product from the manufacturing process, follow the process line speed, and coil the product into the packaging carton. The machine measures product length and will stop at the pre-programmed length signaling the operator to change the carton. The machine operates at line speeds from 20 to 120fpm

Heavy Duty Turntable

10,000 lbs payload capacity, welded frame with foot pads,1.5 in thick top plate and foot pedal

Hose Assembly Pressure Tester

Single Test chamber with front access, interlocked door, test circuit sized for 10,000PSI maximum. Two (2) four station fixtures are provided with the fixtures connected in series for simultaneous testing of 8 hoses and a hose air purging with a flow pump.

Hose Cutter with Collar Assembly System

Non-driven payout, caterpillar puller system that pulls product off the payout and feeds it into the cutting area at a programmable length, wire braided hose cutting system with circular saw, feeder bowl system for fittings, part handling system and customer supplied conveyor

Mastic Applicator

Application system designed to function with front and rear, left and right door Seals. Norson bulk unloader with servo driven shot meter and dispense valve. Single bulk unloader. Servo driven pneumatically actuated adjustable width belted cat puller. Entrance guides with pneumatic paint dot applicator. Shot meter, dispense valve, and nozzle mounted on servo linear ball screw slide. Inlet and outlet weighing assembly with precision scale platform and Pass/Fail beacon with audible alarm

Lattice Glue Machine

The automated glue machine is mounted on a linear motion drive system that is located between two lattice framing tables. This allows the glue machine to automatically dispense glue along one table then shuttle over to the opposite table and complete the glue operation on that table. 12 independent nozzles are mounted on a slide assembly allowing the glue to be dispensed onto the appropriate points. The slide assembly is angled to match the dispensing points required to apply 1 lattice strip. The PUR Unloader is mounted on the applicator support frame and travels with the dispensing guns. Through the HMI, the width of the lattice is entered prior to beginning the run. This automatically limits the number of points glued. The PLC system is capable of storing multiple lattice configurations

LOADMASTER Furnace Charging System

Single ingots are transferred from the ingot dispensor to the feed conveyor. As the controller commands, hydraulically actuated fingers close on the ingots beveled end then moves it to the feed conveyor. A single unattended LOADMASTER Automatic Charging System moves up to 2500 pounds of aluminum ingot or scrap material per hour to its adjacent melting furnace. The system’s feed conveyor automatically receives material from either an ingot dispenser, or from the scrap dispenser bin.

Manual Burst Tester

Single sample burst test capable of 0 to 3,000 PSI, test medium is water, 1/4” NPT Bulkhead is supplied for the customer provided hose fittings, burst chamber is a chest type stainless steel enclosure with lexan panel in the door for visibility, pressure is generated with an air/hydraulic intensifier pump, pressure is adjusted using a hand-operated air regulator and monitored using a peak capture display